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Street Lighing Controller

LamPost is the perfect solution for managing large-scale outdoor lighting networks to control and monitor road lighting infrastructure to save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

LampPost is part of the nodes from the development of the broader smartcity platform with centralized management system ( Cloud-based ).


  1. Energy Saving - Save Up to 80% With LedLamp
  2. Protect Environment
  3. Reduces CO2
  4. Reduces Up to 40% maintenance cost
  5. Increase Lightning Service Quality
  6. Maintenance Optimization (lower Costs) - Checks and Notifications can be done through the System

Brosur Smart Agriculture 4.0

Brosur Lampost

Fusi have been starting outsourcing business since 2005 and the clients come from different countries such as Japan, Singapore, as well as Indonesia. Many different kind of products have been developed, such as: MPEG Controller Chip Design, Wireless Modem Chip Enhancement, Cash Register Controller chip, Razor Digital, Controller chip, DVB-T baseband chipset, ADS-B Receiver (Airplane Tracking), Heartbeat detector, Radar Digital Display, Monitoring system, Single carrier digital communication device, FSK modulated communication, M2M Wireless Sensor design using ATMega with Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM connectivity, Logistic / Courier GPS tracking system, NFC transaction and communication + android mobile app, NFC-enabled WiFi Access Point.

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