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About FUSI

PT. Fusi Global Teknologi is an Electronics Design Services Company. FUSI offers design products and services for innovative electronics solutions. FUSI believes that a better world is reinforced through technology. Equipped with various expertise and advance technologies know-how, especially on Integrated Circuit and Embedded System Designs, FUSI provides a very competitive and reliable services.

Fusi is also an Original Design Manufacturer Company, provides a very competitive products for industrial and business purpose. We are leading technology company focusing on delivering high quality product to end consumer as well as building integrated solution system for corporate or industries. Our vision is to create a better world through technology. With supports from our resources and experienced development teams, we're sure to deliver only the best products.

Fusi is ready to work with your company for the success your product by focusing on fast time-to-market, competitive cost, rich features and high quality deliverable. Fusi has many competent resources to work on latest/emerging technology worldwide.

Fusi have been starting outsourcing business since 2005 and the clients come from different countries such as Japan, Singapore, as well as Indonesia. Many different kind of products have been developed, such as: MPEG Controller Chip Design, Wireless Modem Chip Enhancement, Cash Register Controller chip, Razor Digital, Controller chip, DVB-T baseband chipset, ADS-B Receiver (Airplane Tracking), Heartbeat detector, Radar Digital Display, Monitoring system, Single carrier digital communication device, FSK modulated communication, M2M Wireless Sensor design using ATMega with Bluetooth, Wifi and GSM connectivity, Logistic / Courier GPS tracking system, NFC transaction and communication + android mobile app, NFC-enabled Wifi Access Point.



Fusi ECX Core is LTE solutions provided for cellular networks with fully-featured virtualized core. It's designed for scalability supporting 4G LTE, 3G and GSM radio networks with VoLTE/SIP voice, SMS and data package, join with operator interconnect or in a standalone deployment.

4G LTE Small-Cell

FUSI smallcells FSC200 enables mobile service providers to deliver costeffective capacity to urban hotspots, as well as affordable coverage to rural locations. They also enhance the user experience by enabling faster, more reliable data connections and higher data throughput on 4G networks. FSC200 provides 100 MBps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink data connection with up to 200 users.

Key Benefit: Improved coverage, Greater capacity, Spectrum efficiency, Simple deployment, M2M applications, Fast and reliable connections, High data throughput, High Mobility, Easily deployed almost anywhere

AQ-LITE P 200G & 200A
LTE Signal Generator & Analyzer

AQ-LITE Portable 200A Signal Generator is a multiple output repetitive function generator with 2-channel, 1-RF port, and 1-external trigger port. It is capable producing a sine, triangle or square wave with an adjustable frequency and amplitude, as well as a digital square wave output. It also supports communication system like 802.16 WiMAX, 3GPP LTE, and DVB-T.

AQ-LITE Portable 200A Signal Analyzer is an analyzer with 2-channel, 1-RF port, and 1-external trigger port. It includes LTE Analyzer helping to analyze LTE signal in time domain, frequency spectrum, constellation, and Error Vector Magnitude (EVM).

Key Benefit: Programmable Signal, Portable Device, Easy Configuration


OwnGrid enables seamless connectivity over the sea. It helps fisherment to find the best location for fishing. OwnGrid provides multi application such as navigation, weather prediction, fishing area, as well as on line chating. The product also able to report any SOS condition.

Key Benefit: Long Range, Internal Battery, Interactive Application, Navigation Function, Safety Features, Chatting Application, Weather Report

Meshed and Internet Networked Devices System

MINDS (Meshed and Internet Networked Devices System) is an Internet-of-Things based system, which connects, control, and monitor all of your home appliances anytime and from anywhere. MINDS use your smartphone with easy to use application for controlling your IoT devices. MINDS also has a sever that can easily add your new smart device.

Key Applications: Power Switch Control (e.g. TV, Rice Cooker, Lamp, etc. It equipped with power measurement to control your consumption), RGB Lamp illumination Control (You can control your Lighting color based on your time and moody), Door Lock Control MINDS provide smart-key system. You can remotely access your door, giving access to specific person for limited time and access), Curtain Control, Fan Control, Infrared-based control (You can controll all your remote control based home appliance using minds. Therefore, you can program them based on your behaviour, location, time etc).

Smart Locker System

BOKS is a locker with intelligent locking system which can be used as an alternative destination for the service delivery of various goods for consumers. Integrated with good cloud services and systems management software, makes it easy to organize and search a variety of package delivery that very helpful to you and the consumer. A win-win solution for every e-Commerce business involving delivery of goods directly to consumers thus saving cost and effective work operations with the concept of online-to-offline business. BOKS could be deployed in various retail stores such public areas, stations, etc.

Tap and Connect

It is a product fused between NFC and WiFi. Functioning as WiFi Access Point without complicated settings at your device to connect. T-Con designed to facilitate users when trying to connect to the wifi access points. Users do not need to be bothered with the scan SSID and input the password process. Simply tap your smartphone to T-Con, and you are already connected to the WiFi at its coverage area.

Key Application: Cafe, Hotel Lobby, Meeting Room, Library, Waiting Room, Lounge, etc.

Features: From the security side, T-Con can be set as invisible network because the connection and authentication process can be replaced by using NFC feature. Invisible network is stronger than visible network when facing brute force attack.

4G Broadband Wireless Access

BROMO Base Station (BS) is designed to support many 4G CPE and routers. It is designed for easy installation and configuration. BROMO BS consumes very small amount of power and has small form factor which is suitable for last mile connectivity. BROMO BS can support single or three sectors configuration.

BROMO The Portable Access Point (BPAP) is one of smart 4G Broadband Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solution. Small form factor and light weight also make the BPAP is very portable and ready to support your e-life style. It offers a true experience of seamless connectivity with high throughput and long range for last mile connectivity by adopting consistent WIMAX IEEE 802.16 Technology, or better known as Broadband Wireless Access. This device equipped with high performance 4G baseband chipset BWA01d3M4.

Key Benefit: Wide Coverage, Direct Connection Device, Broadband Connectivity, Cost Effective Wireless, Convenient and Reliable, Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Wireless System Design
Broadband Wireless Access

FUSI has longterm experience in Wireless System Design. FUSI has a comprehensive competency from System Modeling, Implementation, Product Development up to testing. We have a lot of experiences with major wireless standard, including WiMax IEEE 802.16d, IEEE 802.16e, as well as LTE. In this technology, FUSI has produced Baseband Chipset (WiNusa), Bromo Base Station, Bromo Subscriber Station and LTE Smallcell. We also able to design and test RF Front end.

System on Chip Design

FUSI has a capability in designing System on Chip (SoC), including System design, RT-OS design and IP Cores. Several IP cores has also been developed by FUSI. The implementation can be ASIC or FPGA. We are very strong in optimizing Hardware-Software design for specific application implementation. We have experience in multi core and multi-bus design. We have designed several IP (Intelectual Property).

RTL Design
Register Transfer Logic

FUSI has a capability of designing logic system using both VHDL/RTL. The design flow is starting from Design Specification, Behaviour Design and Modeling, Design Functional, Gate Level and Timing Simulation, Design for Test and Verification. The design is done for high performance system, such as speed, size and power consumption.

Embedded System Design
HW/SW Design

FUSI has capability in designing embedded system for various application. The design can use simple or complex microcontroller. The processor include 8 bit 80851, Arduino, STM 32, ARM based system, Raspberry system and DSP etc. The design covers software and hardware design and implementation. Software implementation may include real-time operating system.

Payment System
Smartcard, Reader, SAM

FUSI has a strong capability and experience in designing payment system. It include smartcard , Secure Access Module (SAM) and Reader Programming, mobile application development, Key Management System (KMS) and Card Management System (CMS).

Broadband, LTE, FPGA, RTL

FUSI provides Training in advance technology. Various topics are provided such as: Broadband Technology, OFDM/OFDMA, 4G, LTE, FPGA Prototyping, RF Measurement, RTL Design, Verilog, VHDL,Embedded System Design.